"We wanted to have
self serve frozen yogurt store in Barcelona"

Basically this short sentence tells you how everything started. In spring 2011 we were traveling around the United States and we tried frozen yogurt all over the place and we just felt in love with it.

Not only frozen yogurt but especially the self serve concept. Honestly we had never tried fro-yo before and we didn’t even know whether there were such stores in Barcelona. Unfortunately as we came back, we realized that there were no self serve stores in Spain and neither in Europe and we were not happy with just one flavor offered by frozen yogurt stores in our city.

Our CEO didn’t have to think twice, the decision was made in days. “We are going to open the first real self serve store in Spain :)”

Not even a month after our last trip we were already on a plane to the United States to find out as much as possible about the fro-yo market ...

Yogo Love is More Than Frozen Yogurt™

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Yogo Love Frozen Yogurt

Av. Paralelo, 95
Tienda 1
08004 Barcelona




We have always some promotions waiting for our customers.
The best way to find out about them is to check our facebook regularly
or just ask in the store.

Stemp Cards

Whenever you buy a frozen yogurt in one of Yogo Love stores ask for our stemp cars and collect the hearts to get free frozen yogurt

YogoLove Points

It is a new loyalty program, that we are working on right now. Basically for every gram you will buy, you will be collecting yogo love points which you will be able to exchange for prices or free yogurt


We always have some other promotions going on. Look for free sample flyers or our Yogo Love girls walking around with free samples of seasonal and new flavors


Yogo Love is also the best place for your children. Every Yogo Love Café™ store has a playground, which your kids will love and you will love it too because you can sit and relax, talk to your friend while you child is playing in Yogo Love Land :)

Birthday Parties

Why Frozen Yogurt Self Serve?

Probably you have noticed that frozen yogurt stores are becoming really popular these days. People choose frozen yogurt over ice cream because it is light, refreshing and delicious, it has smooth structure and perfectly balanced flavour of sweet and tart. They know it is healthy and filled with calcium, protein and live & active cultures.

Unfortunately you might get bored after a while of having the same flavour over and over again. This is where we saw the opportunity and we thought:

"What if there was a store that had 20, 30, 50 or unlimited amount of different frozen yogurt flavours"?
"What if there was a store where you could choose from more than 50 toppings and you would have a possibility of unlimited combinations?"

Well, once we saw a similar place in the US and this is why have decided to create a first true self serve store in Europe!

The one flavour model was just the beginning. Let's call it introduction to the frozen yogurt goodness. It proved really successful but after the introduction it was time for something bigger and better - Frozen Yogurt Self Serve Stores!

Why Yogo Love?

Yogo Love is a family & friends company. We have put all our hearts into the project. We have been a part of every step of the development of Yogo Love Frozen Yogurt brand and we will be in the future!

Actually this is what you notice the very first minute when you enter the store, the special atmosphere, happy people or children playing in the playground. This is not a coincidence, actually this was one of our goals and we have managed to achieve it.

We never left the project in hands of external companies, every person who was or is involved in creating the brand and store, is either a friend or family.  We care so much that we went personally to various factories to see how the product is being made. We did so to make sure we are choosing the right partners, offering the best quality of product.

Our CEO is not just a guy in a suite behind a desk pulling strings. He is involved in every part of the brand creation. He makes coffee for customers, he puts on Yogo costume and plays with kids in the store, he talks to customers, he was even helping during the construction of our wonderful ceiling in the store.

"This is the only way to improve Yogo Love brand - being part of every detail, not only on paper but in real life too"

It is going to be the same with future franchisers. We have amazing people on the team who will focus on our franchisers and making them successful. We will help you and provide you with all the tools necessary to open your Yogo Love store and become successful! We will share our product recipes, trade secrets and unique strategies with you.

The moment you decide to become a part of our family we will be committed to supply you with real support in areas like: real estate, construction, staff training, marketing and day to day operations.